Reducing the risk

As with most properties, it is hard to make your tourer or motorhome impossible to steal or break into. All you can do is put in place deterrents.
  • Invest in a good quality immobiliser
  • Etch your chassis number or postcode on all windows
  • Mark interior surfaces with an ultra-violet pen
  • Register your caravan with an organisation like the CRiS (see left)
  • A record of all stolen caravan is held by the National Caravan Council
  • Always lock your car, caravan, motorhome when leaving it - you may not be insured otherwise

Security checklist

When storing the caravan, either in a compound or at home, check that:
  • Wheelclamp is fitted
  • Hitchlock is on
  • Spare wheel has been removed
  • CRiS documents removed
  • TV/radio removed
  • Gas off
  • Waste system drained
  • Windows locked
  • Rooflight closed
  • Door locked
  • Good insurance cover fully up to date!